Ultimate Fluid Machine

Ultimate Fluid Machine
Imagine designing a fluid system to maintain a complex machine. The system must be able to flush any waste from all parts of the machine. It must be able to supply energy to every part of the machine, even though those parts operate in different ways. It must be the ultimate fluid machine.

The machine must function in an environment where getting enough air for it to run is an issue, so your fluid system must carry oxygen to every nook and cranny of the machine. The fluid system must also transport materials that can fight any invader, and if there is a leak in the fluid system the system must be able to flush the opening and seal the leak immediately!

I suspect that by this time you have surmised that the complex machine we are talking about is your body, and the fluid system that maintains your body is the vascular system. To do the things we have listed (and many more things we have not included) your body has 60,000 miles of blood vessels according to the National Institutes of Health and NASA. That means that if we could take all of the blood vessels out of your body and attach them end to end, the resulting series of vessels would go all the way around the Earth more than two times.

The ultimate fluid machine exists in every human on the planet. Simply knowing that emphasizes the accuracy of the clear description of Psalms 139:14, “I will praise thee, Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are your works…”
–John N. Clayton © 2018