The Influence of Christianity on Meeting Human Needs

The Influence of Christianity to Make a Difference

At this time of year, a wide range of organizations addressing some human need solicit money from those of us who try to wisely use what God has provided. My personal list is 98 organizations that I have attempted to help in some way during 2022. What kind of organizations are these, and what does it say about the influence of Christianity?

The largest group of requests comes from organizations dealing with health issues. Many of those groups deal with vision problems, including blindness, eye diseases like glaucoma, and correctable problems like congenital cataracts, but also guide dog programs. Of the 98 organizations, 36 of them deal with health problems. Of the 36, nearly half are Christian organizations that supply things like ships with surgical facilities that travel around the world.

The next largest group is organizations dealing with poverty and hunger. Of the 20 groups doing this kind of work, all of them are Christian organizations. Another 13 are environmental groups, and 6 of those are Christian organizations. That adds up to 69 of the 98 being in these three areas or 70% of the total. Of those, 44 are Christian-operated–47% of the total.

Of the remaining 29 groups, 7 are child-care organizations, and all are Christian groups. Two are disaster relief groups, and both are associated with Christian organizations. Several other areas of concern have Christian connections but are not managed by a Christian group. For example, wildlife conservation, veterans, and entertainment programs involve some Christians but are not sponsored by a Christian organization.

How many atheists, naturalists, and world religious groups in the United States are involved in the issues of today’s world? The media takes great delight in telling about a mistake by a Christian leader or hypocrisy in a Christian organization. However, the press ignores the work done by groups claiming allegiance to Jesus Christ, even though the influence of Christianity in charitable work is evident.

Jesus said, “by their fruits you shall know them.” False claims and moral corruption by some claiming to be Christians and even Christian leaders will eventually be rooted out. The good things done by groups and individuals who sacrificially give to address the world’s problems live on and will be seen in eternity. Read Matthew 25:34-46 and see what Jesus says about it.

— John N. Clayton © 2022