Misunderstanding the Big Bang

Misunderstanding the Big Bang - Not an Explosion
An explosion could not produce a fine-tuned universe.

Religionists and atheists alike continue to make statements that indicate that they are misunderstanding the Big Bang. Some religionists ridicule the idea that an explosion could cause the order and design we see in the cosmos. They don’t realize that the scientific theory of the creation event is not a mere explosion. On the other hand, some atheists refer to the enormous explosions we see in space as proof that there have been multiple “bangs,” and one of them could produce what we see around us. They don’t seem to realize these are explosions of existing material. The original creation event involved something coming from nothing.

There is no question that incredible explosions are taking place in space. In October of 2022, astronomers observed a gamma-ray burst that was the most powerful explosion they had seen up to that time. They labeled it “BOAT” for “brightest of all time.” They theorized that the collapse of a black hole produced it. Some atheists suggested that this was proof that the collapse of black holes could produce the creation we see in our universe. That is an example of misunderstanding the Big Bang.

Now the “brightest of all time” has been exceeded by a much more powerful explosion emitting two trillion times the light of our Sun and ten times the energy of the brightest supernova ever observed. Labeled AT2021lwx, this object, eight billion light years away, is 100 times the size of our solar system and is emitting steady radiation 100 times more than our Sun will emit in its entire lifetime. At the time of this report, there is no scientific explanation of what AT2021lwx is.

Whatever AT2021lwx is, it is not the same as the Big Bang, nor is there any connection between creation and objects like AT2021lwx. A wide range of scientific observations support the Big Bang concept, but it was not an object that exploded. The cosmic creation event, whatever you call it, was a point where time, space, and matter/energy came into existence. There was a beginning, as Genesis 1:1 tells us.

In addition to misunderstanding the Big Bang, there is not and will never be a scientific explanation for it because scientific laws do not describe or apply to what took place. Objects like AT2021lwx are simply transformations of matter/energy that continuously produce the elements of our cosmos. What we see as we observe such things as the cosmic background radiation and the red-shift of galaxies moving away from us are the after-effects of God’s creation of time, space, and matter/energy. This is real creation, and no exploding object duplicates the nature or fine-tuning of the creation event.

AT2021lwx is a testimony to the incredible power and energy present in the creation. We get a small glimpse of how powerful God is when we see objects such as this. There will probably be a workable theory as to what caused AT2021lwx, but like all observations in space, it is simply another statement of Psalms 9:1: “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the skies show the work of His hands.

— John N. Clayton © 2023

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