Suggestions for Expressing Gratitude

Suggestions for Expressing Gratitude

The Bible repeatedly urges Christians to have an attitude of gratitude, repeating the instruction to give thanks to God and to those who serve in the Church. There is a great deal of evidence that expressing gratitude benefits our physical and mental health. An atheistic view denies gratitude. Looking after # 1 does not move a person towards being thankful, isolating and affecting how the atheist lives. We recommend an article in The Saturday Evening Post titled “The Gratitude Resolution.” It has these suggestions for expressing gratitude:

“Multiple studies have shown that expressing gratitude is associated with a host of mental and physical benefits. Being consciously thankful can enhance empathy and self-esteem, reduce aggression, counteract negative emotions and improve sleep, mood and immunity. So make a resolution this year to be more grateful.”

The article goes on to suggest keeping a daily gratitude journal, complimenting those who serve or help you, and sending “thank you” notes to people who have helped you in some way. Can you imagine what effect it would have on the world if everyone followed those suggestions for expressing gratitude? Christians need to set an example that will encourage others to follow.

— John N. Clayton © 2024

Reference: “The Gratitude Resolution” in The Saturday Evening Post for January/February 2024, page 21.