Grow Your Faith in God

Grow Your Faith in God

In today’s world, many people are asking for more faith. Jesus never treats faith as a commodity. You don’t pour faith into someone like water in a glass. Faith is a part of our thinking and our education. Faith is something that needs to be fed and nurtured. What do you do to nurture and grow your faith, and what does Satan use to defeat your faith?

In Luke 4, we read of Satan’s attempt to destroy the faith of Jesus. The temptations that didn’t work against Jesus are the same ones Satan uses on each of us. The first thing Satan did was tempt Christ with physical cravings. Jesus had not eaten for 40 days, and He was hungry. Satan knows when we have physical cravings, and he works to offer destructive things to meet those cravings – be it food or drink or sex or emotional needs.

The second thing Satan offered Christ is political power. Today, we are expected to embrace political positions that fly in the face of God’s commands. We see recreational drugs, prostitution, abortion, euthanasia, and immoral lifestyles asking for our support and endorsement. We don’t see people in the entertainment industry or political figures resisting these destructive forces, and many are leading others to practice them.

The third temptation Satan presented is
expecting God to interfere in the normal processes of life. Satan has sold a big lie about disease and the consequences of the choice of gender change. Jesus responded to Satan’s challenge to violate the law of gravity and expect God to step in and prevent it from working. Jesus responded to each of the temptations by quoting scripture. This third one was Deuteronomy 6:16, which says not to test God. Expecting God to violate the laws He created when we practice destructive behavior is not logical or reasonable.

We need to profit from the biblical account of Satan’s activity and follow the lead of Jesus. Our daily articles on this site and our video series available free on present positive evidence to build faith. You can also grow your faith by reading the Bible. We recommend Romans 1:19-20, Proverbs 8, Psalms 19:1, and Psalms 139:14-15. We have the tools to build our faith, and we urge you to use them!

— John N. Clayton © 2022