Arctic Whales Called Narwhals

Arctic Whales Called Narwhals

When they see an unusual physical characteristic in an animal, evolutionists try to find a sexual explanation for it. If your religious belief is “survival of the fittest” and reproduction is a major part of explaining who is fit and who isn’t, you look for sexual explanations for everything in the animal kingdom. We see an example of why sexual selection is not always the complete answer in Arctic whales called narwhals.

Narwhals can weigh up to 3000 pounds and reach over 15 feet long. Their unusual feature is the world’s longest tooth. The narwhal’s tooth is a spiraling, pointed tusk that can reach nine feet long. Since the tooth appears in male narwhals, evolutionists have said that it’s just another example of sexual selection. Females pick the males with the longest tusk. That explanation is similar to cases like the peacock, where the males have elaborate feathers, which they use to attract females. Another idea is that narwhals use the tusks as weapons in conflicts between males. However, no one has ever seen the tusks used that way, and no dead narwhals have been found with a wound that appears to have come from being stabbed by a tusk.

Researchers at the Smithsonian working with the Harvard School of Dental Medicine have studied the tusks under an electron microscope. They discovered millions of tubules leading from the surface to nerve endings deep inside the tusk. The researchers believe this system allows narwhals to detect changes in water pressure, temperature, and salinity. That information would enable the narwhals to tell when water is starting to freeze, allowing them to avoid getting trapped. It also may help them locate food. Of course, that leaves a question of why females don’t have tusks, but since they travel in groups, it may be that the tusks identify the leader.

We know that the Arctic whales called narwhals have a tusk like no other animal. We know it is a tooth in structure and form, but how it became an integral part of the species is a mystery to evolutionists. We suggest it is another example of God’s design in which every animal has what it needs to survive in a given environment. The Arctic Ocean is a place where narwhals might need special survival equipment.

— John N. Clayton © 2022

Reference: The Chronicle Review Volume 52, Issue 37, page B16.