Our Sun Is Just Right

Our Sun Is Just Right

Scientific discoveries continue to show that our Sun is just right. It has the just-right size and just-right temperature, and it’s the just-right distance from our planet to make advanced life possible.

Add to those things the fact that the type of radiation our Sun emits is just what we need to survive. We have often talked about Earth’s magnetic field and how it protects us from some of the Sun’s harmful radiation. That fact shows the fine-tuning of our planet for life, and we don’t know of any other star so precisely-designed for life as our Sun.

The Sun has magnetic fields also, stretching far out into its atmosphere. However, those fields are not as stable as Earth’s magnetic field. The magnetic lines of force move like seaweed swaying in underwater gardens, but much slower. They carry energy from the Sun’s surface up into the corona, a bubble of plasma surrounding the Sun.

Some scientists think that the energy conveyed by the moving magnetic force fields might explain why the corona is hotter than the Sun’s surface. The surface is almost 10,000 degrees F (5,500 degrees C), but flares in the corona can reach millions of degrees. Although scientists have studied the Sun for years, they still don’t understand many things about it.

One thing we can know for sure is the fact that our Sun is just right can either be a fantastic coincidence or the wisdom of God’s design. We believe this is another evidence of design.

— Roland Earnst © 2022