The Doctrines of Dispensational Premillennialism

The Doctrines of Dispensational Premillennialism

We have had many articles in our journal and on this website about the doctrines of dispensational premillennialism. Not only does this doctrine create conflict with scientific evidence, but it presents political claims that threaten peace and harmony. Many people who call themselves “creationists” have adopted this human doctrine that conflicts with the Bible, common sense, and scientific evidence. We have discussed the scientific issues in our booklet “God’s Revelation in His Rocks and His Word,” available free on

Here is an example of the political aspect from a recent Google advertisement that showed up on various websites:

“The Bible says in Revelation Chapters 9 & 16 that during end times a 200 million man army from the East will come to make war against Israel & Her Allies (Armageddon). They will come from China & Her allies (Russia, Iran, Iraq, Taliban, etc.) and will come through the Kyber Pass into and through Afghanistan and follow the dried up Euphrates River Valley across Iran and Iraq into the Middle East! A third of mankind will die! Jesus will come back to earth physically to fight for His people and establish His earthly kingdom.”

I would encourage you to read Revelation chapters 9 and 16 to see how much imagination the ad’s author used to present the doctrines of dispensational premillennialism as fact. This ad warning is a human fabrication, and those two chapters mention none of those countries. In the first verse of Revelation, the apostle John wrote that the purpose is “to show to the servants of Christ things which must shortly come to pass.” However, twisting the Bible to fit a human doctrine that embraces the 21st-century situation puts Christianity at odds with science and makes a political statement about war, hatred, militarism, and physical conflict.

Jesus confronted worldly political thinking as people tried to portray Him as a political figure opposed to Caesar. In Matthew 22:17-21 and Luke 20:22-25, Jesus made it clear that giving to God and giving to Caesar are two different things and should not be mixed or confused. In John 18:36, Jesus says, “My kingdom is not of this world: If my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but my kingdom is not of this world.”

Before accepting the interpretations of those preaching the doctrines of dispensational premillennialism, examine what the Bible actually says.

— John N. Clayton ©

An excellent commentary on Revelation is Revelation’s Rhapsody by Robert A. Lowery, published by College Press.