Redesigned Website for DOES GOD EXIST?

John Clayton on the Redesigned Website
We now have a redesigned website for the videos, audios, and printed materials that we publish. Our materials are designed to help people know that God exists and that the Bible is His word. We invite you to visit

On that redesigned website you can watch the entire DOES GOD EXIST? video series. We recently added four more programs for a total of 36! You can also listen to the 26 sessions in the DOES GOD EXIST? audio series. For no cost, you can watch and listen to John Clayton presenting evidence for God. You can also watch the videos with Spanish subtitles or see another video series with Mandarin Chinese translation.

If you want to purchase DVDs or CDs of the programs, you will find a link to our store on that site also. There is also a link to a page where you can donate to our work (tax-deductible in the USA). The link is secure, and we don’t give or sell your information to anyone. also has links to our other websites. We have one website devoted to the subject of why an almighty, loving God would allow pain and suffering. We have another which allows children to watch any of our children’s videos or read any of our children’s books free of charge. There is another one which features many “Dandy Designs” in the world around us which testify to a Designer. (By the way, that site is scheduled for an upgrade next.)

On the redesigned website you will also find a link to our Facebook page. We post daily evidences of God’s design on Facebook, and the page has more than 20,000 followers around the world. As you probably know, we publish a quarterly printed DOES GOD EXIST? Journal. Current and back issues of that magazine are also available to read online using a link on

We hope you will visit our redesigned website.
–Roland Earnst © 2017