Archaeology is a Friend of the Bible

Archaeology is a Friend of the Bible - Pharaoh Apries
Sphynx of Pharaoh Apries in Louvre Museum

Archaeology is a friend of the Bible. If you have watched our DVD series with John Cooper titled “Beyond Reasonable Doubt,” you have seen some of the evidence that the Bible is correct in its testimony of history. The July 3, 2021, posting of “Bible History Daily” by the Biblical Archaeology Society told of finding a royal stele from the Egyptian Pharaoh Apries. Here is the first paragraph of the posting:

“While digging in his field, an Egyptian farmer recently made the discovery of a lifetime, a roughly 2-meter-tall royal stele. The stele, which was discovered near the Egyptian city of Ismailia, 62 miles northeast of Cairo, appears to commemorate a foreign campaign of Apries (r. 589–570 B.C.E.). Apries was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 26th Dynasty who is remembered in the Book of Jeremiah as having come to Jerusalem’s aid during the Babylonian siege (Jeremiah 37:5).”

Steles are stone slabs or columns typically bearing a commemorative inscription. They provide excellent evidence of historical events and verify the roles of high-ranking political or military figures. The finding of this stele is one more verification of the historical accuracy of the biblical account.

Those who attempt to discredit the Bible have to deal with growing evidence that the Bible is accurate and reliable. Archaeology is a friend of the Bible, and this latest find is more evidence of that.

— John N. Clayton © 2021

You can read the full post from the Biblical Archaeological Society HERE. You can watch John Cooper’s video series HERE. You can order the video series on DVDs HERE.